Q & A with the Author

Que.  What is the background for the book?

Rajesh K Pillania: Strategy is one of the most widely mis-used and mis-understood terms in management. In earlier times, educated priests in India used Sanskrit language as the primary form of all literature. However, this meant that all the information was out of reach for majority of the Indians. Strategy holds a similar position in the literate world today. It is often related as something of interest to a limited few in the top management of organizations. It is often considered a serious and difficult concept.

Que.  Why this book?

Rajesh K Pillania: The book has three objectives.

First objective is to democratise strategy and align it to day-to-day concepts in a manner that it would allow a majority of us to relate with it.  I sincerely believe this book will help to bring down strategy from Ivory Towers to common business executives.

Second objective is to bring a fresh perspective to strategy using humour.

Third objective is to increase the understanding of strategy among business executives.

Que.  How this book has achieved these objectives?

Rajesh K Pillania: It captures complex concepts of strategy through associations with day-to-day concepts such as movies, sports, singers, jokes etc to add simplicity and humour to strategy. It has strategic insights but in a simple and humours way.

Que. Who is the target audience for this book?

Rajesh K Pillania: The book is targeted at anyone interested in strategy. Strategy is useful in the corporate sector, social sector / NGOs, government departments, training / educational institutes and yes it can also be a source of entertainment. This book can be useful for all of these categories though it is primarily targetted at the corporate world.  In the corporate sector it is useful for corporate executives at all levels, entrepreneurs, corporate trainers, professors of management, and students of management.