Strategic Humour Workshop

Why Strategic Humour Workshop?

Strategy is one of the most widely mis-used and mis-understood terms in management. In earlier times, educated priests in India used Sanskrit language as the primary form of all literature. However, this meant that all the information was out of reach for majority of the Indians.

Strategy holds a similar position in the business world today. It is often related as something of interest to a limited few in the top management of organisations. It is often considered a serious and difficult concept. 

But is it the correct way? Does it help in understanding strategy? Do people associate themselves with strategy? Without understanding and association of people, can we get good results from strategy?

Target Audience 

For Corporate Sector

For NGOs / Social Sector


For Government Departments


For Educational / Training Institutes


For Entertainment / Stand-up Comedy



The strategic humour workshop is available on demand. Reach us with your requirements and we will come back to you soon. Write to us at